Water Hoverboard

The equipment of the sport which is used to fly over body of water or for hydro lightening, is known as Water Hoverboard. It is also known as flyboard. A French water enthusiast, Franky Zapata invented this hoverboard in the year of 2012.Water Hoverboard

The people who loves the water sports, device has risen in popularity. This hoverboard looks like same as the snowboard and same in size too.

What is Water hoverboard?

The board is made up of the buoyant material because when the rider of the hoverboard wants to take rest, he or she can just float on water without skidding.

The techniques used in design of water hoverboard is similar to predecessor that means a hydro jet is connected to the hoverboard which makes the shoot of rider more than 9 feet in air. To execute the flips, and other spectacular tricks, the high amount of power is given to the board.

After resting, if the rider wants to get back in air, he has to activate the thruster. Through the hose of boards, the water is pumped with high-pressure and it is amplified though the nozzle jets which provide the downward blast and also provide the needed thrust which lifts the hoverboard.

During the riding, the rider has to wear the floatation device a during a flight, he has to wear helmet for safety purpose.

Where you can purchase the Water Hoverboard?

You can buy this hoverboard through any sport store where you have chosen the best one from the several options.

To fly in air over body of water, you need a kit in which jet nozzles, hose and pump for hose are included. In the United States, one company become prominent for manufacturing and distribution of these hoverboards which provide powerful boards.

You can also buy these hoverboards online also. Jetpack America is one the famous sport store where you will 100% best water hoverboard with guarantee. Some other best stores are located in cities such as Australia, Canada, Singapore etc.

Zapata’s hoverboard:

This hoverboard is the best on to fly over the body of water. some features of it as:

  • Carbon Fiber –
  1. The body of the hoverboard is made up of carbon fiber.
  2. It reinforced with the hardened resins.
  3. The resist the forces which are greater than 11 tones per meter square.
  • Propulsion System –
  1. To decrease the loss of pressure, the casting of hoverboard is made up of solid aluminium.
  2. For lifting purpose, the exhaust nozzle directly provides the water.
  • Height and speed –
  1. The hoverboard can travel upto 15.5 mile per hour (25 Kilometer per hour).
  2. The height above the water level is upto 5 meter (16.5 feet).
  3. The speed and height depending on the horsepower.

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The pricing of the Flyboard’s and the water hoverboards can varying as per your need.  Currently, the water hoverboard costs around $240,000.

The water hoverboard is bit different from the flyboard. If you know the better riding on the water level, then its ok. If you don’t know but you want to ride then you have to well trained by the training team.