Self-balancing hoverboards

It is also known as self-balancing scooter is nothing but the personal transporter which including of two motor powered wheels which are connected to duos of pads on which rider can place their feet.Self-balancing hoverboards

History of self-balancing hoverboard:

An America based businessman who have founded patent for device of this hoverboard in the feb year of 2013.the increasing popularity in western countries has been attributed at the beginning to different variety of celebrities.

At the time of 2015, this hoverboard is made by many manufacturers’ primary in regions of the year 2015, nine bots, many substantial manufacturers of this hoverboard acquired Segway Inc. for solving other disputes.

Different types of Self balancing hoverboard:

Best self-balance boards from some popular brand and some less popular brands listed as below:

  1. SWAGTRON T580 – it is one of best hoverboard and travels distance which is far.
  2. Segway mini PRO –It is smart and self-balancing board and it is perfect for beginners. it is worksand wellsafe.
  3. TOMOLOO – It is good option for those who has fear of stability of self-balancing and it is come up with some extra features like Bluetooth and LED.
  4. Segway minilite – it is perfect vehicle for some one who is interested and it is affordable and has more portable design.
  5. EPIKGO all-terrain – it is for those who loves adventures, also it is popular last year for their easy working.
  6. Hoverboardlithium – Free UL2272 – Having option for customizing is really good for appealing to kids or someone who want to gift to kids.
  7. SWAGTRON T1 – UL2272 – it Is count as one of the comfortable hoverboard you can buy it at amazing is lightweight and have simple design which gives smooth ride.
  8. Mega wheels Bluetooth –It is straight forward and simple in nature that you can trust on this scooter. This feature is more effective which is peoples looking for. Also, it has extra feature of Bluetooth which you can enjoy it.
  9. VEEKO hoverboard V800 – This hoverboard is not reach up to 10 mph as like other scooters but the this is one of the great starter board for those who are beginners and want to learn ride of hoverboard.
  10. SEGWAY mini PLUS – it delivers the same quality as all other Segway products gives. Its good board for those who are looking for balance board.

Self-balancing shoverboard buyer guide:

When you go for buying hoverboard there are some factors on which you can concentrate on –

  1. Safety – safety is prime thing, there are many issues like catching fire in electric boards etc.
  2. Speed – for beginner’s slow speed boards are good while for others max pace speed board is suitable.
  3. Brand – its better to purchase board of high quality and branded one.
  4. Price – avoid those board which are costly and uncertified.
  5. Battery – bigger the better, it gives better power.
  6. Weight capacity – good to be light weight.

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Self-balancing hoverboard are coming to fix the problems related to past models of hoverboards so these are modified and better scooters for those who want ease ride of their hoverboard.