How to make a hoverboard

Hoverboard is skating board which is used for transportation which glides or hover over air. Alsocalled as autonomously motorized personal levitators.How to make a hoverboard

Types of Hoverboard

There are no of Hoverboards are available out there in the market for adults for kids also Hoverboard is differentiates by different factors which are as follows:

  1. By popularity.
  2. As according to size – Hoverboards are available in different size like 6.5-inchwheels, 8-inch, 10-inch wheels.
  3. By categories – this includes some Hoverboards like
  • Razor Hovertrax version 2.0: which ranks as best,
  • EPIKGO All terrain scooter: which ranks as safest,
  • Segway miniPRO: which ranks for its long-lasting life,
  • Koo Hoverboard: which ranks as budget friendly.
  • EPIKGO sport plus: ranks for their speed.
  1. With the help of some additional features – it includes Hoverboards with LED lights, with UL 2272 certificate, with additional speakers.

How to make a hoverboard


Steps to make Hoverboard

  1. Start with checking availability of wheels –

Start by removing children’s bicycle’s wheels with all their accessories, bolts and axle which do not play part in holding bearings.

  1. Cutting required frame –

Next step includes, cut out the frame from 2 thin piece of plywood and also cut out frame from thick plywood piece. Then you have total 3 sheets of same size. Shape doesn’t matter just you need wide frame to fit your feet and battery.

  1. Battery slot –

Next, step includes cutting square out of 1 thinner pieces of plywood which is as same size or bigger the size of battery.

  1. Cut out holes for wheels –

Cut out piece of wood to the same length, and wide as that of frame. Drill the holes bit larger than that of wheels axles into each end.

  1. Attaching the wheels –

one can proceed by filled each end and with epoxy inside the hole. By using substantial amount of epoxy, you can make it stronger. After mixing epoxy inside hole for about 1minute and screw axles of 2 bikes wheels into both sides.

  1. Start the assembling the frame –

Attach the axle and wheel assembly onto thin piece of plywood with square cut and attch them with the help of wood screws and glues.

  1. Building the continued frame –

Next step involves building bottom part, which is used for holding battery. And with this and plywood piece you can attach them at middle of the frame.

  1. Balancing wheel –

Afterward attached 2*2 piece for holding rotating wheel. This will give proper balancing.

  1. Preparing motor –

Next, need to attach something for motors high friction axle. Then apply epoxy to weel and attach it to axle. After that secure it placing by sticking piece of cut metals.or another alternative that wrapping motors belt gear with electrical tape, until it was rubber wheel for both the motors.

  1. Attaching motors –

First build brackets for mounting motors, after that apply it and then attach motor with help of duct tape.

  1. At last make sure about all wiring, put the top on frame, add elastics and finished with complete hoverboard.

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There are many hoverboards available in market and but you can also make it by just following above mentioned steps.